Geo ip targetting

New cool feature for 2013

We've just added a new feature for the autoresponder module.  It's called Geo-ip targetting and will give you control over who you want/do not want to subscribe to your list or click on your links.  Right now, we've implemented the "subscribe to list" only targetting and we'll be completing the link click targetting in a few days.

To access this feature, simply click on the "Geo-ip" link in the navigation bar of the autoresponder module and from there you can Add new geo-ip target.

The geo-ip feature allows you to either block specific countries or allow specific countries.  And there's a stats feature as well that will record the number of blocked and allowed subscribers/hits.  And just so as not to be rude with your visitors, you can have those who have been blocked by your filter to be redirected to an alternate url (where you can offer them something else).

Once you have created a geo-ip target, edit any autoresponder campaign to which you want to apply this target to (you can do it for a new campaign as well) and at the bottom of the ar campaign properties page, select the geo-ip target from the "Geo ip targetting" option list.  Save the campaign and you'll be all set.

You would also have noticed that as of last week, you are seeing the name of the country the subscriber originated from in the notification emails that you receive for new subscribers.  That's the geo-ip feature doing it's work.  

Bug fix

There was a minor bug in the message testing feature where if you selected to include the header/footer, it was ignoring that request.  It's been fixed now. 

Bug fix and detailed click tracking stat

Bug fix and detailed click tracking.

A minor bug had been brought to our attention regarding the inclusion of footers in email broadcasts.  It came up after last week's upgrade, causing the footer not to appear in the messages.  It's been fixed now.

We've also improved our click tracking feature by giving users more detailed statistics on each email broadcast.  Now you can learn exactly which subscriber is clicking on which message and the exact time as well as the type of message they opened (text or html).  To access the detailed click statistics, simply go into the Sent messages section and click on the number that represents the number of clicks you have received for a particular message.

New features and updates

New features and updates.

We have just added two new features to the autoresponder system.   This has been a popular request so I believe other users will find it useful too.

The first feature is about the way the system will handle subscribers who have reached the end of their followup sequence.   Before this update, subscribers who received the last message in the followup sequence of any ar campaign, would simply sit in the user's account as a finished subscriber.  Users could re-activate these subscriber if they wanted to but it required a manual intervention.  But now, you can automatically have the subscriber moved to another ar campaign and start a new followup sequence.   To activate this feature for any new or existing ar campaign, just select "Move to another ar" for the new option End of followup sequence action: .  Once selected a new drop down list will appear showing all your ar campaigns.  Select the autoresponder to which the subscriber will be moved to.  Note that in order to prevent re-subscribing someone to an ar campaign he/she might already be in, the move to another ar feature won't force subscribe the email.  

The second feature is about notification emails that are sent to the account holder when someone signs up for any of your list.  Previously, it was only the account holder who could receive the notification message.  But now, you can set up to 5 different email addresses to receive the notification message at.  Just edit any autoresponder campaign (or if you are adding a new campaign) and for the option Multiple subscriber notifications on the ar campaign creation/editing page, put the list of emails in the following format:,,,.....

Finally, we've updated the Filter subscribers feature.  There was a bug in that function that was not making it work as it was supposed to.  Turned out that the code was using the wrong message id for comparing data of subscribers who clicked/did not click on a particular message.  So we've patched this bug and also added 2 additional options for filtering your subscriber base.   The first option will allow you to filter your list based on time period activity instead of message based activity.  So when selecting the option to Filter subscribers by activity you used to be able to select which message the subscriber clicked or did not click on (open or did not open for html messages).  From now on, you can also use a time period for filtering subscribers.  When you select this option, the system will filter all subscribers who clicked or did not click on ANY message for a set time period.  The time period can range between 1 to 366 days.

The second new option in the filter subscribers feature is the ability to use a suppression list.  Any email address you put in the suppression list will be skipped when the mail server processes your messages.  The format in which to put your suppression email list is as follows:,,,......... (all in a single line seperated by a comma)

Hope you like the upgrades!  As usual, your feedback is welcome because that's how we can keep improving our service.

Happy new year 2013

Happy new year 2013

The team at NetProSoft would like to wish everyone a Happy new year 2013.  May the year ahead bring  lots of success, prosperity and good health for you and your family. 

server upgrade completed successfully

The server upgrade was completed successfully.  We've had a few glitches here and there, related specifically to database access and new firewall rules but they were fixed swiftly.  No downtime was experienced during this process.

Next, we'll be uploading the new cluster enabled software that will spread the load and make the system work even more smoothly.


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